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The group left the Santorini’s office and talked to farmer Sims. He lead them to where he found his daughter’s milk pail. There they found that several beings in boots struggled with the girl and headed to the woods.

Following the trail, the found the girl’s clogs and noticed that the group was joined by two beings with larger boots. The group they were following was moving slowly through the woods and the characters soon caught up with them.

The group the found consisted of six cultists and two warforged. The warforged were not wearing the robes of the cultists, but were wearing clothes and oversized boots.

The group engaged this group and fought them until the last standing member, one of the warforged, surrendered.

As we closed the session, they were releasing the girl, Larna, from her bonds and preparing to bind up the warforged, Jonas (J0NA5).

During the fight, the group determined that the cultists belonged to the Fleshweavers, an off-shoot of the Mockery who have a special affinity for warforged.

This was an abbreviated session, necessitated by crazy work schedules this week. Nevertheless, I try to run a session every week as I feel missing a week causes loss of momentum.

All of the villains of this piece came directly from the monster builder with little modification. For this encounter, I used the Cultist Thug, a level 8 skirmisher, and the Warforged Savage, a level 7 brute. I used the savage as it was written, but I wanted to have a quick fight, so the cultists became minions. I did the conversion on the fly, by giving them a single hit point and a constant 5 points of damage.

I expect that the group will determing where the cult is hiding from Jonas and go there to terminate further activities in the area.

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A humble Clash of Clans Review

A popular mobile strategy game, launched by Supercell, initially for iOS, Clash of Clans has ranked in the top 1 downloads on both App store and Google Play. An amazing video game with a lot of perfect updates so far.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game which can be played on iPad, iPhones and Android devices. This is a multi player game where you can build your own armies of dragons, barbarians, archers to take on other players and win gems and elixirs. These gems and elixirs can be used to train or upgrade your troops or build defenses against other players. You can also join other players and form clans and fight against other such clans.

Clash of clans provides endless hours of entertainment and fun on a mobile device.


No need to lug the heavy XBOX or other gamer machines, clash of clans can be played on your smart phone while you are waiting at the airport ! And if you don’t want to fight against another player, you can always play single player mode wherein you take on an army of goblin. Even this single player mode has an impressive collection of levels to exhaust you.

This is a tactical game where you build your own troops, decide which troops to keep & which to upgrade, plan your attacks as well as defenses so that you can win against your opponents. The troops are of different types with varying strength, training capabilities and intelligence. As you advance in the game, you get access to better troops. You can train and upgrade your troops by using elixirs.

Shock your opponents by some fantastic spells such as lightening spell, heat spell, rage spell, jump or freeze spell with some outrageous additions in newest version like earthquake spell, poison spell and haste spell. Then you need buildings such as archer and wizard towers, walls, mortars, barracks, laboratories, town hall, canons, traps to attack and defend and also buildings to store your elixirs and gold. There are two types of elixirs – normal elixir and dark elixir which can be accessed only at higher levels in the game. These need to be stored in buildings only.

Gems are used to speed up the game – everything from training your troops to constructing buildings. These can be earned in the game after achieving certain milestones and can also be bought from the store from real money. In fact, this is the only aspect where you may have to spend money, otherwise the game is free for download.

You raise your army from the troops available to you at your level in the game , construct your buildings for storing your resources, housing your armies and walls, mortars, towers to protect your troops as well as launch attacks. And you plan your advances in such a way that your loss is minimized but damage to your opponents is maximized. In short, it is a brilliant game for those wanting to hone their strategies of war fare and even otherwise.

Download the game and get playing. Clash of Clans and its perfect strategies are sure to hold your interest whether you choose multi player or single player mode.

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Miyazaki Movies and Forgive Me Game

In this segment, I continue to look at the films of Hayao Miyazaki and how they might apply to fantasy games. I have two films left.

Kiki’s Delivery Service – a coming of age story of a young witch who leaves home and goes to a new city to make her way. It seems to be set in an alternate timeline where there are advanced automobiles, but aviation still is in its infancy.

Some elements that might be useful in a fantasy game:

  • There is some magic involved, mostly flying on the broomstick
  • Flying vessels
  • Familiars

Although Kiki is a witch, this is less about magic and more about her overcoming obstacles. Because of this movie, the little black cat we have gained the name Jiji.

Ponyo – is a newer Miyazaki movie. It was released in the States last summer and only recently has come out of DVD. The titular character is an intelligent sea creature that seems to be the child of a wizard and a sea spirit. She befriends a young boy and the adventure takes off from there.

Some elements that might be useful in a fantasy game:

  • A wizard that seems to create magic with potions
  • An underwater lair
  • A water spirit
  • Magic gone awry

I am still somewhat undecided about this movie. It feels like it was cut short for the American audience, but the Japanese version is the same length from what I have been able to learn. Although it does have Miyazaki’s familiar themes of a strong heroine and the conflict with nature, this movie isn’t as strong as his previous efforts. When my copy of the DVD arrives, I’ll need to watch it again, carefully, to see if there are subtle things that I missed.

That covers all of the Miyazaki films. He does have some TV productions and manga, but I am leaving it with just a focus on the movies.

Looking over the lists of elements, I see that many, if not most, can be covered easily with almost any standard fantasy RPG like the Clash of Clans video game. The real wealth here comes in the backgrounds and themes that are portrayed.

This is a compiled list of the ones I find most interesting and will consider for my game:

  • Arcane education requires some sort of fealty
  • A post apocalyptic setting
  • Prophesy that gets fulfilled in an unexpected way
  • Giant constructs as weapons of war
  • The toxic forest
  • Giant insects
  • Early firearms
  • Flying cities
  • Levitation stone
  • Air pirates
  • Political upheaval
  • A changing world

A quick review will reveal that most of these come from Nausicaa and Laputa.

I will take a closer look at these in a future blog about the New Geonian World.

Thanks for reading,

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